Are You a Producer or a Performer? On Line Test

Posted by Δημήτρης Τιμοθεάτος on Πέμπτη, Οκτωβρίου 08, 2015 with No comments

Most senior executives are not fully aware that the shape of their career depends on the type of leader they are. Some people are predisposed to being producers: They are skilled at conceiving new ideas and bringing them to market. Others are consummate performers: They know how to optimize the known systems and products of an organization, and how to make the most of existing practices.
You might have the urge to fill both roles at once. After all, anyone who can launch a new product must have some ability as a performer. Similarly, most skilled performers also have some producer talent.  But it’s rare for one person to excel as both a producer and a performer  So if you’re aware of what you do best, you can more easily establish yourself in the most suitable environment, with the right complementary people, and map out your ideal role. You’ll also know when to ask for help.
Is it better to be a producer or a performer? Neither. These two types of high-potential talent are highly complementary. While researching their book, The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value, John Sviokla and Mitch Cohen spoke to more than 100 self-made billionaires. They found that the majority of these talented entrepreneurs created value as half of a producer–performer pair. Examples include Apple’s Steve Jobs (producer) and Tim Cook (performer); or John Paul Mitchell Systems’ John Paul DeJoria (producer) and Paul Mitchell (performer).
Every successful business needs both high-potential producers and high-potential performers. Which one are you?

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